Weekend 6/4/17-7/4/17 Party At Mine

A good sleep in was in order after last nights late bed time. I had to go to Tescos to get food for the week and some drinks as I had planned to have pres and go out tonight. I missed the bus on the way home so I walked the 10 minutes with my groceries as it was going to be quicker and my body needed the fresh air. Along the walk I ran into Eva, who lives on the street over from me. We are such locals having a chat in the street.

In the afternoon, we had the monthly drinks to welcome all the new arrivals so we went to meet all the newbies. Eva and I went in together, because we are cute like that, but we walked in and we knew no one. There was so many new people! I’m pretty sure most of them are American but now we have so many new friends!

Hawker House food markets for some food then bypass Tescos for drinks on the way to mine for pres. When I was planning the night, I had thought that we would only have about 8 of us but we seemed to have picked up some other interns, new and old, along the way to turn the group into a healthy 18 or so. How did we all fit into my kitchen, I still have no idea. I did mention to one of my housemates that I was having people over as I was trying to be a good housemate but she was not happy when I brought this many people in, and she came upstairs at 10:30 to tell us that we are too loud. Babe, its Saturday night, not even at midnight and you’re telling us to be quiet. Yep that did not happen.

Before heading out we checked out the club that we wanted to go to and thankfully we did as it had an event on and entry before 11… at this time it was half past. Oops. But we eventually we found a place and I managed to get everyone out of the house, with a bit of swearing and yelling for encouragement.

Getting to the club we lost and found parts of the group multiple times but we got to Tiger Tiger. Now when you get to the club, especially after a good half hour of travelling to get there, we headed for the bar. Oh sorry the eftpos isn’t working right now. Excuse me?

Eventually getting multiple drinks, each, we partied, busted a few moves and took some very ordinary club photos. But it was an amazing night having everyone all together.


At 3am, the club closed and we all headed for home, or so we thought. A few of us went in the opposite direction to go by Will’s hotel room to use the bathroom. We felt so sneaky creeping into the lobby to the elevator but it was a very lush hotel room, he worked at a very good company who got him the room.

By the time we got back to Canada Waters bus station, Eva and I looked at each other and had a brilliant idea. MACCAS! We are just super cute, walking to Macdonalds, sharing hash browns and pancakes as the sun rose and the sky became light. I was still buzzing off the many Red bull Jagerbombs, which worked in my favour as I cleaned up my very messy kitchen when I got home. I was very thankful that I did it then instead of when I woke up.

As you can guess Sunday was a write off day of sleeping and eating and plenty of water so there’s nothing to mention here except that my body is starting to hate me.

– Amber x


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