Week 8/5/17 -12/5/17

Week 6. My final week in the office.

After the weekend, it was an absolute struggle, I am not going to lie. But Monday was the last day that I had to go through the dozens of newspapers looking for coverage, yay!

I had to leave work early on Monday as we had a careers workshop, which was honestly the last thing that I wanted to do. The lady hosting the event was amazing but me thinking about my future was the last thing that I wanted to do, and wanted to not think about until I was back in Australia. We had to mock interview each other and ask questions like “What is my biggest achievement”? I always thought that finishing university wasn’t a big achievement as so many do it, but apparently graduating at 20 is a big deal?

Surprise, by mid week my body had really begun to hate me and I was sick again. It’s my own fault, I haven’t been living the most healthy of lifestyle, but one with many great stories to tell later.

This week we got a new Italian housemate, and I spent many dinner cooking times chatting to him, as he eats at a normal time to me and not at 10pm like others that I live with. I did see my housemate who yelled at me and my party on the weekend again, more like smiled and waved, that was the last of our interaction before I left.

Work was very busy, it felt like I had never ending emails, and I guess this is what adulting is like and what I have to look forward to.

On Wednesday I was of course working on the laptop in which I had all of my notifications pop up in the corner and I got one from my friend Jan posting in the Intern Group page, so I click on it and he had a spare ticket to the John Mayer concert for Thursday night. Now that was the quickest typing that I had ever done with a reply of “Me me me me me pick me!”… so I got the ticket! Thanks Jan!

The next day, after going through security into the O2, and got ourselves a drink, we were approached by some promo people with fairy wings on offering us tickets into the VIP Blueroom with cheaper drinks, seats, entertainment etc. How this week was improving. And the concert… wow! John is amazing. You can tell when you watch him perform that he truely loves music. I didn’t think that Jan knew how much I loved John Mayer until I was singing along to almost every song. But we both had an amazing night!

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My last day in the office on Friday and to be honest, it wasn’t how I thought my last day would go, with only a few of the people in the office. I thought they would less the workload being my last day, but the emails kept coming and I actually didn’t finish everything and had to email it to the other intern with an explanation of where I was at with it all. It was time for me to leave and I said my goodbyes, but not after getting a company tote bag and my share of products from the walls. As I was doing so much travelling after this I chose selectively for things that I would use on the rest of the trip, and not what my heart truely desired which was everything.

On the way home I was partly organising everyone so I was crazy on my phone with about 10 different messenger groups. On the bus home there was a gasp from the bus and I turned around to see what everyone was looking outside the window, and one girl had got off at the stop and ran infront of the bus across the road without looking and was hit by a woman on a scooter. The street was at a stand still. I was very shocked that 5 minutes later the girl stood up from the ground and limped away without serious injury, she was very lucky! And the poor motorcyclist was crying and I felt horrible for her as it wasn’t her fault.

We were off to a fancy club tonight so it was dressed to the nines, false lashes and all. But first dinner in Canary Warf. Eva and I were late to dinner with the girls as I was running late from leaving work and the incident on the bus, but we eventually got there and enjoyed the last hour of the endless prosecco deal that we had for the night and I think we did pretty well. Some of the girls at dinner weren’t continuing on with us as they were sadly flying out the next day so we all said our goodbyes before off to the club.

We had to dress up for the club, as it was fancy and very exclusive and the only way we got in was that Katya knew one of the promoters. We got the guys in too so the main crew were all there being all fancy. The club was amazing and we made lots of friends, like a girl named Elsa from Sweden who we had some good chats to in the bathroom. Oh how I miss her already!

It must have been about 4am when we finally left Libertine, after having a dance and a few drinks. Catching the train home, we got into Canada Waters as the sun rose and had the idea to get Macdonalds breakfast which we didn’t realise but the one near our house wasn’t 24 hours and us girls were still committing to our heels. With a horrible combination of no battery on her phone, sore feet, and no maccas as promised, Katya was trying to find a way home. Thankfully the corner store let her charge her phone enough for an uber and she was on her way home.

By now, it was about 5:30am and thankfully for Eva and I, Macdonalds was now open so naturally we got hash browns and walked home while coming up with the great idea of going for an actual breakfast later in the morning. The entire time that we had been living near each other we had always wanted to brunch one morning but never actually planned it until now.

– Amber xx


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