15/5/17 Mermaid Nails

Today was Monday, and for me it was a get my life together day before the start of my Topdeck trip the next day. So I did the most important thing first, and that was got my nails done. I went back near my work as there were heaps of nail salons for well cheaper than what they were on the west side and found a quiet one to get a mani and pedi. I was polite to the lady doing my nails as I asked if I could take phone calls while getting my nails done, and that poor lady listened to me chat to my besties for over an hour and heard all the goss. And then the conversation with my mum. It was catch up central this morning.

I got chrome shellac on my fingers which cost an extra 10 pounds but was so worth it to have mermaid fingers, and then just metallic on the toes. I was now all ready for the next part of my trip.


I ran other errands like getting cash out, buying products that I was bound to run out of on the trip and all that.

I had to switch hotel rooms so I ran all my errands between check out and check back in, tonight’s booking was by Topdeck as we had an early wake up time the next morning and sadly I was moved into a small single bed room. At least it was only for a night.

– Amber xo


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