14/5/17 London Bucket List

A well earned sleep in was in order this morning. I was also ticking off the last of the London bucket list today, and so I dragged Eva and Jan to Kings Cross to get a photo at Platform 9 ¾. We must have waited about an hour but it was so worth it, and we were all a bit dusty from the night before so our bodies were slowly becoming more normal. The set up is strange as its literally just part of the wall in this now modern train station where you can choose your house scarf, I went Griffindor of course, in which a lady holds the end up and lets it go when you take your photo. That’s it, but thankfully it didn’t cost anything.


Eva was keen to take me Shake Shack so that was next on the agenda. It is another American burger place that had made it to the UK and it was exactly what I felt like, burgers, cheese fries and chocolate thick shakes. It is definitely not something that you should eat regularly but it was so good! Please send one to Perth thanks.


As it turned into late afternoon, we all went our different ways to do different things, I went to Greenwich with Evan, one of the newer interns, as he was heading there and it was the last thing on my list to do. If you ever go to London, do make the trip out to Greenwich as it is amazing. It’s this little cottage town with so much character with a massive park on the hill that looks over London, it truly was amazing. Sadly for Evan and myself we got up to the top of the hill and enjoyed the view for only a few minutes before it started to rain.

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It took me a good hour to get back to my side of the city and knew that it was now or never to get some food otherwise I was just going to crash in bed, so it was a take away pizza and finally an early night to bed.

– Amber xx


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