13/5/17 Move Out Day

Today was also move out day, and after getting home at 6am, I had a short hour nap before packing up the last of my belongings into my suitcase, put on some work out clothes and had breakfast with Eva at the local café before my taxi arrived to pick me up at 10am to take me to my hotel across London.


My taxi driver was very lovely but way too chatty for how I was feeling this morning, and he eventually realised that I was in no mood to chat for the hour drive it took to get from Canada Waters to Kensington.

Sadly I wasn’t able to check into my hotel room for another 2 hours so I did the only thing that would take some time, get a Starbucks coffee and ring my brother. That was the easiest hour killed as I caught up on all the happenings from Bunbury and told him about all of my adventures as I wandered around a park, away from the noisy traffic.


During this time that I had to waste, I ticked off one of my last things on the London bucket list and that was to eat Nandos. I always wanted to compare UK Nandos to that of Australia as British people seem to love it over here. And from my experience, Australia does it better.

Finally I was able to get into my room, very luxurious as I had booked myself a lovely queen sized bed and it had a tv in the room which were no luxuries that I have had for the past 6 weeks. It was now nap time as I was yet again going out that night. What even is sleep? I promise that I don’t party this much back home but when in London right?

So I got ready to go out, brought some MacDonald’s for dinner and caught the train back to Canada Waters for pres. While on the train, sitting eating my chips and sipping on my lemonade and this guy sits next to me and starts asking like what am I eating? What’s in my cup? Where am I off to tonight and all of a sudden he pulls out a bottle of grey goose vodka and is offering it around the train. He was quite seedy so to get rid of him I told him that I don’t drink alcohol. He then asks me where the best place to buy weed from as I told him that I’m a local, there was no way I was telling him any truth right now and mate I wouldn’t have a clue. Eventually me ignoring him and messaging my friend, even though there is no reception, I finally bored him and he moved on to some others who were enjoying a beer on the train.

Pres was at Rileys place, one of the Americans who arrived last weekend that we met at the Hawker House meet up. It was so strange that when we got to her house I realised that she had moved into my friend Gwen’s room so I already knew this house, the housemates and where the cups are.

Eva and I weren’t overly keen to go out but there was no turning back when we were in the line to Tiger Tiger so as soon as we got into the club, it was time to commit and party. At this club, they throw around light up foam sticks so of course we wave them round like we just don’t care and do every lame dance move possible. That’s honestly how most of our nights go, and it’s always a great time.

– Amber x


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