Week 1/5/17 – 5/5/17

Monday being a public holiday, I was supposed to use it as a day to adult and get my life together before the working week. The only thing I ticked off the list was buying food. Nice job Amber but at least I had my priorities straight.

Back to the office Tuesday. Standard. Nothing new work wise.

I always laugh at the men selling produce in the street markets that I pass on the way to the post office everyday, as they call people in like my dad calls up the cattle from the paddock. You don’t really know what they are saying but it apparently works as there is always people buying from them.

On Thursday afternoon we had the theatre event so I got to leave work a bit early to get across the city for an early dinner at 5:30 before the show. A decent feed of Wagamamma before walking down the street to the Apollo Theatre to take our seats to see Wicked. I’ve already seen it in Australia but seeing it here with different actors gave the characters a totally different vibe and I actually liked this one more I think. I was sitting between 2 of my friends who hadn’t seen it before so I loved watching their reactions, but to be honest I had forgotten heaps of details so I was having light bulb moments during the show.


I was a little annoyed at the group of Italians who were sitting behind us. I think it was a group school trip but they talked throughout the entire first half in which I just put up with it. In admission I turned around to tell them to stop talking and they could not understand a word of English. They have come to see a show in English and they can’t speak the language… what the actual?! So I did the internationally known shush and they eventually got the message. Being a dancer for most of my life, it is one thing that really annoys me when I go to the theatre and see shows.

When I got home, the local cats were sitting outside the door so I gave them a pat before I went inside. What I didn’t expect was that as I opened the door one of them ran up the stairs so I had to quickly close the door to lock the other one out and run around the house finding the other one. My loud ‘oh no’ got the attention of one of the house mates and she just stared at the cat chilling in our house as I picked it up and took it back down the stairs.

Friday was crap. Everything that could go wrong did so the other intern and myself had to do a chocolate run just to make it bearable. It wasn’t crazy bad things but enough to be like okay it’s home time now.

I brought a pizza on the way home and was chilling watching some YouTube, ready for a quiet and relaxing night, when I received that ‘hey we are going out tonight’ message. Off to Tescos, put some normal clothes on and I was on my way to pre drinks.

It was Gwen’s last day in London so it looks like I’m off to San Fran to see her, but I’m glad that I got to say goodbye and spend the last night with her. She didn’t come out with us as she had a flight in the morning and we didn’t leave Wills place until midnight, so it was easily going to be a late one.

It was a small party of 5 who went to Shoreditch, but it was still a pretty good night. One of the guys can’t hold his alcohol and was too drunk to get into some of the bars so the only place that we could get him in was the same place that we were in last weekend, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s a pretty good place.

As it was just myself and Nina with 3 boys, it was up to me to respond to the international girl look of ‘help me’ when a creepy guy is hitting on you in the club and girl I was there to the rescue! It’s a good thing to know as guys are oblivious to it. Us girls got to stick together.

– Amber xo


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