30/4/17 Hungover Tourist

Woke up at lunch time as expected. Not going to lie, I was pretty hungover.

Mum and dad wanted to use my washing machine and drier before going on their next adventures tomorrow so we set a load going before getting lunch at a local pub in the area looking over the water and the locals fishing. This was our cute family Sunday roast experience and the food was exactly what you would expect, with an alcoholic drink of course. The parents were interested in how much drinks cost here so I decided to raid the wallet and find receipts. I really was rich last night!

Mum was feeling a lot better so after putting the washing in the drier we headed back to Trafalgar square and Piccadilly circus to continue what we had planned yesterday.

Dad was so unimpressed with this tourist area. How was there so many people there just to look at buildings and why were they spending so much money at M&M world?! Admittedly it was a bit over priced but he was not into it. By now I was tired, more hungover and had ran out of places to take the parents as they weren’t interested in looking at buildings or monuments, also all the motion travelling had me feeling a bit ill.

We found a nice little bar in Soho to sit and have a drink and watch the locals go by.

We headed back to Canada Waters to grab some dinner at the parents hotel for more of a snack than a meal but I was then very ill, to the point that I couldn’t look outside the window at the Temps water moving. It was bed time by then and I was asleep before 11pm, and oh my how it was bliss.

– Amber x


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