29/4/17 Tourist + Party

Today was the London eye and river cruise at an early 11 am. Safe to say that I turned up with my sunglasses on and a Starbucks in the hand. I wasn’t super hungover but there was a significant lack of sleep that happened all week that had intensified.

There were some new interns that I got to meet and of course the ones that I was partying with last night. We have kind of formed a group of 5 of us and it sounds like a bad joke – 2 Australians, an American, a New Zealander and a Russian. What a group of very social gals we are!

It was a very cold and windy day today so being on the open top of the river cruise had its downs but of course a better view of the sites. The tour guide was pretty funny and made all the facts interesting while cracking some lame dad like jokes that we all laughed at.

We were talking about how Big Ben is apparently starting to lean and we were pondering how to straighten it. My tiredness came through so bad when I had the idea of how you straighten a plant and put beams up the side of it for support. Yep got some very strange looks after that comment.

As of course it was the bank holiday long weekend the lines were crazy long, like some of the longest that Ariana the intern coordinator had seen, but they surprisingly went quickly. And when I say quickly I mean that we stood in line for over a half hour to get on the London Eye. During that line I ran out to the bathroom and back which apparently you’re not allowed to do but we had a plan if I got caught is to act super vague and put on your biggest Aussie accent, and Ariana was going to put on her American. Oh how being foreigner had its perks, but thankfully our plan wasn’t needed.

Going around the London eye had an amazing view with the typical overcast sky. I’ve done the Melbourne Star and to be honest I don’t know if there’s much height difference between the two. Cruised around, getting lots of snaps and telling people to get out of the shot. I took the standard stand next to the window and smile shot that everyone does but pondered about doing something different and sat on the bench. The number of people that I had to move out of the way to get this shot was a bit over the top but so worth it!


After the London Eye, I said goodbye to my intern friends and hello to mum and dad, I was now today’s tour guide with no plan what so ever. We walked across the river and up towards Buckingham, enjoying the pristine gardens and watched the squirrels run through the tulips. It was so cute seeing everyone spending their Sunday enjoying the sunshine and nature.

We got to Buckingham Palace and for some reason mum and dad didn’t want to walk to the gate. Um you haven’t been there unless you have touched the gate and watched the guard walk up and down the building. So yes, we have now been to Buckingham Palace, and got the typical tourist shot in front of the gates.

Strolling down Buckingham mall, we almost got hit by cars but I wanted to get a cute shot strolling down the sometimes empty road, another worth it moment. I always enjoy a bit of adventure while getting some great pics, this is me trying not to always take the typical tourist shot.


Our next destination was going to be Trafalgar square as our next tourist site and place to eat some lunch. Mum hadn’t been feeling too well throughout the day and after we ate she was our wounded soldier who needed to be taken home. I didn’t have an issue taking her home, I had been most places, had plenty of time to see other places and also I had been sent the details of tonight’s happenings with the other interns.

So I made sure that the parents made it back to their hotel safely and headed home to have a quick half hour relax before getting ready before pre drinks.

Gwen had sent me a time and address of where pres was, and I was very thankful that some other people turned up at the same time that I did as there was no answer on the door. I had never met the other people that I was standing outside with before but with the alcoholic drinks in our hands it was obvious that we were heading to the same party. They were from the March group and knew more people than I did so I walked with them to another person’s house who might be having pres where we met some other interns walking towards the first house we were at. Like where the hell were we all meant to be heading to?! We eventually all turned up at Gwens house, taking over her house and her kitchen with a party.

I met so many of the March group which most of them were only a few weeks away from finishing but knew I was in good company to party.

At first it was a room of almost strangers then in walks all the other people that I have met including my girl Nina. Tunes, partying, Gwen was in charge of where we were heading, and I was just following everyone else.

We ended up at the Shoreditch House bar which had a pretty good club situation downstairs.

Strangest thing happened, there is this lady who sits in the bathroom and hands you paper towel, and she has all the toiletries that you would ever need like deodorant and dry shampoo but of course you wash your hands and look for a drier and she hands you paper towel. At first you always think that she is just being nice until she puts out her hand for payment. Taking money from gullible and drunk women, what a great idea… I might have to bring it to Perth!

Such a big crowd of party people so there was plenty of drinks flowing, especially jagerbombs. The guys got to the club and did about 4 each so it was going to be a big night. As I somehow managed to get drinks in their rounds, I didn’t want to be that cheap girl drinking all of their drinks so I brought a few rounds in return. Apparently I was feeling cashed up tonight! Drinks turn into dancing and busting out our best moves, or so we thought.

Tonight was one of the most thankful times that the bathroom in my house is on the ground floor because I had never been in that much pain before, but public toilets in Canada Waters are limited at 3am.

– Amber x


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