23/4/17 High Tea

Refreshed and ready to go. Had a chat to mum and Alex this morning as most weekends have included. It just works better with the time difference if it’s a bit later for me so I got all the goss and happenings from home. I was chatting while getting ready as I was off to a High Tea event on the other side of London, on the fancy side, and as it is the London Marathon on today, it was going to take a little longer.

Got my pretty dress and heels, I was committing to a look no matter how cold it was going to be, and yet it was a beautiful spring day in London.

Unfortunately, my bus wasn’t running today, because of the marathon, and therefore I had to walk to the train station which honestly isn’t that far it’s like a 20-minute walk but not something that you want to be doing regularly.

I got to walk by the marathon and there were people everywhere! It was so cute to see everyone cheering on their friends and family who were taking part, with heaps of signs and clappers everywhere. Walking by the pub there were people standing on top of the tables getting a better view, very comfortable with a drink in their hand. And this was at 10:30 am. I struggled to figure out how to cross the street as of course there was hundreds of runners going by and I wasn’t going to hop, skip and jump over them. But thankfully my trusty Citymapper app came through and there was a walkway further up.


Finally getting to the train station and they had blocked it off temporarily as it was so crowded with everyone using the tube system to follow their runners around the city. I only waited a few minutes until they reopened it thankfully and I was on my way across town.


I felt so bad as there was a runner wrapped in a foil blanket sitting beside me, and so many people asked him how he went and what happened, and I must have heard about his injury 5 or 6 times, each getting sadder and sadder the more he had to repeat it. Just let him get home peacefully, it’s obvious he isn’t fine and devastated that he couldn’t finish, it was heart breaking.

The venue that we had High Tea at was amazing! It was the classic British experience that I had expected and it was so lovely to catch up with everyone and meet the new faces. One of the new arrivals was a girl from Perth and we were so excited that we were from the same city, finally someone who speaks my language! Even with the Americans and New Zealanders you talk a lot different as they don’t have the same slang or use all the same words so it was such a relief not having to explain Australian, or more specific, Perth things.

Not everyone who was supposed to come came due to the marathon. Apparently they completely blocked off the tube about 15 minutes after I was there so I did good with my timing, even if I arrived 25 minutes before everyone else, it wasn’t the worst place to wait.

We had a lovely selection of tea, one English breakfast of course and the other Elderflower, the most gorgeous sandwich fingers, with the crusts off and everything, scones with a selection of berry jam, lemon curd and clotted cream, and finally a selection of desserts. They serve everything on the finest china, and all the food is presented on a stand so you work your way up the trays, it saves table space and easily to replace. As not everyone showed up, there was so much left overs and I would have taken some home if we weren’t going to a bar afterwards.

The rooftop bar was off of Oxford street in the heart of London, with an amazing view completed with the decent weather. Only some of us got a drink but it was nice to get some cute pictures of us all dressed up. Eventually, one by one, the crowd got smaller until it was just myself and Katya still sitting on the couches with yet another delicious cocktail. We were having some good chats and it was nice to get to know her a bit more. By this time, most grocery places were closed and at 7 pm I was on the hunt for dinner.

I was too tired and there was nothing between the bar and the nearest tube station so I just got on, full well that all the food that I had was cooked well over a week ago, I don’t know why I continue to cook a bulk amount of food when I do cook.

There was going to be a while wait before my bus so I had this amazing idea to walk to MacDonald’s. And that is exactly what I did, with no shame at all. It was going to be about a 40 minute round trip to walk there, get food and walk home but it wasn’t dark as the sun isn’t completely set until l almost 9 here, so I was on my adventure stroll home.

So here’s me walking down the main street of the suburb that I live in, with my macca’s bag tucked under my arm as I shovel chips into my mouth, washing it down with a refreshing lemonade and there is the Perth girl walking towards me. What a funny moment that was. I was so focused on my chips and getting home that I forgot we live around the corner from each other and I was initially shocked but laughing so hard at the situation.

I always love my super funny blonde moments like these.

– Amber xoxo


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